7 Documents to Automate

This year we released the eBook that tells secrets to increasing team efficiency and improving performance without requiring additional resources.

Keys to CLM Success

We understand the importance of getting contract management right and all successful deployments share a common journey.

Importance of AI

With respect to documents, three areas of AI are critical. Download to understand the foundation of intelligence and the importance of applying AI to contracts.

The Age of Transformation

If your business hasn’t considered CLM as a high priority, now is the time. This Frost & Sullivan whitepaper is here to streamline your entire process from creation –> execution.

Solving your Document Problem

Sales teams spend 5+ hours a day doing things other than selling, including a lot of manual tasks. Make big gains and get back selling time with document automation.

Future of Procurement

WBR Insights surveyed 100 Heads of IT Procurement from companies across Europe to find out about the challenges they’re facing and how to solve for them.

Salesforce Admin Guide

We understand the signs to look for when evaluating document generation and we want to share them! Learn how to get the maximum ROI and build a business use case.

Legal Insights

The role of digital transformation varies from industry to industry, but there is one undeniable fact: without automation, legal teams will fall behind.

Sales Insights

Documents represent the most tangible aspects of business. Learn how sales organizations are advancing their digital transformation initiatives.

Now Departing: Your Documents

Digital Transformation is a never ending journey, and now is the time to get onboard with documents. Plot the best course, now!

Create a Business Case for CLM

CLM can make a huge difference in any company’s bottom line. Download our eBook and learn how to make a convincing business case in your organization.

Best Webinars of 2018

Which Conga webinars were your favorite? We’ve compiled the top 3 most watched webinars of 2018 to give you best practices for 2019 and beyond.