Salesforce Lists Made Easy

Ready to Take More Action with Your Salesforce Data?

Conga Grid turns Salesforce lists, related lists and reports into actionable, Excel-like spreadsheets to dramatically increase user productivity while improving the user experience and user adoption rates.

Conga Grid’s powerful interface enables users to update, understand and digest their data quickly. Users can filter and group to see data relationships and take action fast.

Powerful Console Views

  • Combine actionable list views with customized reading panes to match your business needs
  • View and edit directly in a reading pane vs. opening and clicking through records
  • Use global search to find and review emails in the pane

Conditional Formating

  • Add color and formatting to text, cells and rows, calling attention to key data to drive behaviors

Batch Operations

  • Update mass records in batches at once
  • Find and replace within lists
  • Fill down and merge duplicates

Quickly group, sort and filter Salesforce data

Mass update data in seconds!

This app will solve problems you don’t even know you have. It will simplify the life of every one of your users. If you haven’t already installed this app, you’re letting your users down.

Brayden Smith

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