An easier way to negotiate business and reduce risk.

Conga provides organizations of all sizes with the solutions they need to solve the key challenges in the contract process. With more than a decade of experience in the CLM market, Conga helps to address contract management with world-class solutions, support, and services.

  • Interfaces built specifically for legal and their most frequent collaborator – sales.
  • Reduce risk by controlling the clauses and terms the sales team can use, and limiting the changes they can make or accept.
  • Shorten negotiation cycles for all contract types.
  • Tap into analytics and reports on contract activities to identify bottlenecks and areas of friction to improve your entire contracts practice.
  • Create and distribute professional, customized contracts that ensure you stand out from the competition.
  • Increase data integrity when a single, robust repository is used to store, manage and digitally track all contracts.
  • Integrate with eSignature solutions for faster approvals.

For companies looking for a comprehensive CLM solution for both sales and legal teams, you need a solution that addresses the unique and complex challenges of each. Contact us today to learn how Conga can help transform your contracts today.


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