An easier way to negotiate business and reduce risk.

Even the speediest sales or procurement process gets bogged down in the negotiation, when all parties would like nothing more than to get through to the “done” side where signatures are inked and you can get on to providing the goods or services you just committed to. A full contract lifecycle often requires plenty of work after signature on a contract—like addendums, renewals and terminations, leading to a complex workflow that has ripple effects throughout the organization.

Solve Key Challenges

  • 60% Faster Contract Cycles
  • 40% Reduction in Administrative Costs
  • 10-30% Savings in Operating Costs
  • 30% Larger Renewals

Reap The Benefits

  • 150-200% ROI within one year
  • 22 cents savings for every dollar that is contract compliant


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100% ROI with Conga: