London, Get Smart on Digital Transformation Discovery

“By the End of 2019, Dx Spending Will Reach $1.7 Trillion Worldwide, a 42% Increase from 2017”
– IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2018 Predictions

As our customers embark on their digital transformation (Dx) journey they have a number of technology products available to them to produce better business outcomes. Are you ready to sell the benefits of this emerging C-Level business initiative with your customers?

DxReady training practically aligns customers’ desired Dx business outcomes to Salesforce Platform capabilities. You’ll learn from leading Dx experts and walk away with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to help you run effective discovery and solutioning that actually close deals:

  • Find out what digital transformation really is, why it’s critical to the C-Suite, and how to align Salesforce to Dx initiatives
  • Identify Dx use cases that penetrate whitespace in your accounts
  • Tools built specifically for DxReady for you to use in the discovery process

Featured Speaker

Sheryl Kingstone

Research Director, Customer Experience & Commerce

451 Reasearch