Why Octiv & Docusign

By integrating Octiv and DocuSign’s best-in-class electronic signature (eSignature) solution, you can automate document creation, collaborate in real-time with others and receive instant notifications about your deals. Using DocuSign with Octiv is the industry’s fastest, most secure way to send, sign, redline, track and file documents online.

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Key Benefits


Electronically sign your documents with embedded DocuSign eSignature capabilities.


Track and manage redlining communication, negotiations and multiple document versions, then seamlessly execute the finalized document with DocuSign.


Provide users with a single system to learn and work in.


Let Octiv automatically create and manage DocuSign envelopes as new versions of your documents are created and new recipients are added.


Collect additional information on your documents with DocuSign custom fields/tags.


Send envelopes using DocuSign’s Send On Behalf Of (SOBO) functionality.


Handle multi-signer workflows with multiple external signers or internal countersigners.

About Docusign


DocuSign® is changing how business gets done by empowering more than 250,000 companies and 100 million users in 188 countries to sign, send and manage documents anytime, anywhere, on any device with confidence. DocuSign replaces printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents with the easiest, fastest, most trusted way to make every approval and decision digital.

For more information about DocuSign, please visit their website.