Conga Contracts

Reduce Risk and Accelerate Your Contract Negotiations in Salesforce

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Close deals in half the time with automated contract creation, controlled negotiations, and in-depth reporting built into Salesforce. Bridge the gap between sales and legal teams to drive business forward.

How it works

  1. Shrink contract negotiations by 50% or more
  2. Implement in as little as one week
  3. Manage negotiations and compare document versions without ever leaving Salesforce
  4. Manage clauses on the fly—search for alternatives clauses when working in the document
  1. Safeguard your contracts against risk—empower legal to preselect which clauses and terms are available for sales to use
  2. Track and manage third party contracts
  3. Reduce errors by automating traditional contract tasks


Faster Sales Cycles

Conga Contracts gives you:

More Control

Increased Visibility

  1. Easily view, approve, and true-up contract changes back in to Salesforce
  2. Gain insights into sales contracts across contract types, teams, regions, and more to identify and remove bottlenecks
  3. Maintain a full contract history in Salesforce, automatically tracking changes to master clauses and specific contract versions
  4. Easily search and identify specific contract groups by searching meta data in the body of the contract
  5. Add Unlimited* storage as the last bullet under Increased Visibility

Business Edition:
Address business inefficiencies with easy clause management and contract creation. Manage risk and reduce busy work with a robust clause library and contract templates that let users own the contract process.

Enterprise Edition:
Give sales the power to build contracts from a library of clauses pre-approved by legal, negotiate on third party contracts, and swap rejected clauses with alternate clauses.

Site license is not required

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Negotiator Edition:
Speed up contract negotiations in Salesforce. Track versions, redline, and true-up accepted changes back into Salesforce for a complete contract history.

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Enjoy a faster, smoother contract negotiation experience that accelerates the speed of business.

RedliningNegotiate contract terms in the format everyone is most comfortable with -- Microsoft Word – while the Sales team tracks everything in Salesforce. Easily view and move from one redline to the next on platform and compare versions or even ‘Edit Latest’ in Word.
True-Up™Once negotiated changes have been accepted, True-Up is used to write that information back into Salesforce, keeping your system of record up-to-date for renewals and future contract generation.
3rd Party ContractsTrack and compare 3rd party contracts in Salesforce. Map data from a 3rd party contract to Salesforce fields for data reconciliation, and identify which clauses should be saved in the Salesforce Clause Library.
Recursive MergeCustomize your clause experience by merging a document with merged variables inside the clause.
Clause LibraryAutomatically build contracts using legal’s pre-approved terms and conditions. When standard clauses are negotiated, the Clause Library manages copies for tracking revisions against specific contract instances.
Clause PlaybookSwap an existing contract clause with a pre-approved fallback clause, without ever leaving Salesforce.
Clause BundlesEasily define groups of terms and conditions that are commonly added to the same contract document, accelerating creation and eliminating errors.

The Clause Library and Clause Bundle can be associated to any standard or custom object in your Salesforce Org.
Clause Families Group and view the hierarchical relationship between related contracts and documents.
Content CaptureHighlight text in the Redlining UI to True-Up any data on the fly.
Support for Microsoft Word Content Control Control what changes take place in a contract. Drop-down fields limit which terms can be changed.
AnalyticsReport across contracts, gaining insights to identify trends and uncover bottlenecks.
Professional & Customized Contract Templates Create highly-stylized, professional looking contracts with the click of a button.
Implementation TimeFull implementation in as little as a week.
StorageStore contracts in Salesforce or the Conga Contracts repository
Integrate with eSignature Seamlessly integrate with Conga Sign to speed up negotiations with a modern eSignature solution built for Salesforce