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Actionable Insight That Drives Performance with Rich Reporting

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Every business wants better insight into their Salesforce® data. Visibility into Salesforce activities drives revenue but can be time consuming to achieve. Conga Courier® provides all of the benefits of complex reporting but with the ease of scheduled reports that can be delivered to individuals inside and outside your Salesforce organization. Create the information flow necessary to make decisions to accelerate the sales cycle and time to revenue.

How it works

  1. Have reports delivered directly to users once or on a recurring basis both inside or outside of your Salesforce instance.
  1. Automatically email your individual reports right on schedule
  2. Send using any frequency – monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or advanced options like every 1st Monday, on the 21st or every 6 hours
  3. Send an unlimited number of individual reports – no hourly limits
  1. Specify your standard or custom Salesforce tabular or summary report
  2. Select your recipients - individual users, contacts, roles, profiles and groups or use a Salesforce report to dynamically select recipients
  3. Customize the email subject line, body text, “from” address and how to receive the report (printable view, Excel or CSV)


Salesforce Report Scheduling and Delivery:

Automatically Deliver Reports to Your Recipients:

Price based on the number of reports generated

Volume-based pricing

Automate generation of reports and delivery to both Salesforce users and non-Salesforce users. Consistently formatted every time.

Conga Courier

Scheduled report generation

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Expand your reporting reach to impact critical business decisions.

Report Audience:
  • Email Salesforce reports to anyone inside or outside your organization (up to 25 recipients per email)
  • Send one report to multiple groups with a filtered view for each group (e.g. send the same sales report to all of your managers, but each manager only receives data from his region)
  • Customize your email subject lines and body text for each report (e.g. with instructions for the recipient)
  • Set to send “from” another user’s email
  • Choose to embed the report directly in the body of the email or send as an attachment in Excel, CSV or Printable View format
  • Send reports hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or per customized time periods
  • Create rules for if there’s no data in the report