Personalized Technical Assistance and Guidance to Help you Remove Barriers to Success

Conga’s 5 star Customer Support organization is committed to your success. All Conga subscriptions include a level of support that provides easy access to our enterprise-grade resources, highly skilled technical support and on-boarding services to get answers quickly. For Conga Composer, Conga ActionGrid, and Conga Contracts customers with more demanding support requirements, we also offer preferred support services that include accelerated service level response and preferred access to technical resources. No matter how complex your use case, Conga is at the ready to provide consultative and technical expertise to help you accelerate your implementation and value of Conga solutions.

24 x 7 Support Portal Access
24 x 7 Web Case Submission
24 x 7 Phone Case Submission
24 x 7 Conga University Access
Live Chat Support
24x5 Global Technical Support
Priority Case Routing
Accelerated SLAs
24x7 Global Technical Support


24 x7 Support Portal Access:

On-demand access to Conga’s online Support Portal for access resources including documentation, videos, knowledge base & more.

Live Chat Support:

Live chat session with Conga support and we’ll answer your questions, point you to detailed support resources, or open a support case.

Web Case Submission:

Log cases in Conga’s online Support portal and requests will be routed to the appropriate support team member within SLAs.

24 X 7 Global Phone Support:

Coverage by phone 24 hours/day, 7 days/ week for response within SLAs.

Conga University:

Leverage your Conga solutions with unlimited access to our online learning training, tutorials and optimization courses.

Priority Case Routing:

Ensure cases are routed to the top of the queue for faster engagement and resolution.

Phone Case Submission:

Log cases while on the phone with support team members to ensure questions are fully resolved.

Accelerated SLAs:

Get preferred access to support to speed up response and resolution times.

“The service I have received from Conga has been absolutely fantastic and this combined with
the power of their product, is something to behold. My needs were quite complex. I wanted
to automate a lot of form generation straight through to and including email merging, across
a range of data sets and legal and corporate structures. Conga’s technical team not only
provided me with tremendous support, but they problem-solved and customized solutions to
get the outcomes I was seeking.“

Gavin Kelly
Director, Financial Services Industry


S14 business hours2 business hours1 hour
S28 business hours3 business hours2 business hours
S316 businesshours6 business hours4 business hours
S416 business hours6 business hours4 business hours

Severity 1The Service is not available for use, including the failure of any documented
feature that listed as a Tier 1 function in the Product Specifications.
Severity 2A documented feature is not available but does not prevent the use of a Tier
1 function in the Product Specifications.
Severity 3A documented feature is impaired but does not prevent the use of a Tier 1
function in the Product Specifications.
Severity 4A level 4 issue is a general usage question or issue that may be cosmetic in
nature or documentation related. Conga software works without any functional limitation.

SUPPORT CONTACT INFORMATION AND HOURS: – Support Portal for case management, Knowledgebase, search and chat. – Email for case submission.

Monday – Friday
7:00am - 6:00pm Mountain Time
866.502.3334 (toll-free)
Monday – Friday
7:00 - 18:00 London
+44 (0) 203 608 0165
Monday – Friday
7:00am - 6:00pm Sydney
+61 2 8417 2399
EnglishEnglish, French, GermanEnglish

After business hours, during holidays and weekends, Conga Customer Support is available via phone for Premium Support customers who will receive an answer within an hour.

Please use the following phone numbers to submit a Case:

  • America’s: 1-888-887-8071
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa: 44-800-0488-934
  • Asia and Pacific: 61-180-0891-325

Only Cases submitted by phone will be addressed per the SLA.


When submitting a case to Conga Customer Support, please make sure to include the following information:

  • Contact Full Name
  • Company Name (Partners should indicate the company they’re working on behalf)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Product name and version
  • Description of the problem
  • Severity of the problem based on the defined Severity Levels.


To submit a case to Conga Customer Support, or go to and make sure to fill out all the required fields and provide all relevant information. This method of submission ensures the accuracy of the information you submit and allows for complete tracking of the case, with related comments and attachments.

After Hours Support:

After business hours, during holidays and weekends, Conga Customer Support is available via phone for Preferred Support customers who will receive an answer within an hour. Non-Preferred Support customers will receive an answer the following business day.

When Contacting Conga Customer Support On An Open Request:

When submitting a case, a case number is assigned. This number should be used when calling or emailing Conga regarding your case.

Resolution Procedures:

If at any time, you feel that you are not receiving a level of service that meets your expectations, you may ask to be contacted by Conga Customer Support Management. Every customer request receives direct management attention and consideration. Conga Customer Support is committed to ensuring excellent quality of support and customer satisfaction.

Covered• Solution implementation Assistance (how to’s)
• Troubleshooting
• Questions about Conga products
Not Covered• Partners applications (Salesforce, Docusign, eSign, etc.)
• Undocumented features or functionalities
• JavaScript, APEX, etc
• Enhancement Requests