6 Reasons Why Our Business Analysts Are Passionate About Customer Success

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Many of you have probably noticed that our Business Analysts have a passion for service and support. This is far from a coincidence. Conga actively recruits for people who are customer service oriented in all positions, especially for the BA role because we believe they are critical to our customers’ success.

Coming from a fairly new Conganeer, I find myself admiring our BAs for their hard work more and more each day. I recently surveyed them to get a few rock-solid examples of their devotion to our customers and was again surprised and humored by their responses. Let me highlight a few…

1. They Don’t Just Tell You How to Use Technology – They Help Solve Real Business Challenges

Out of all of our BAs, the average amount of years spent in tech support was five with some clocking in at 15 years. Even with all of that experience, our techy bunch still spends about 160 hours of training to become a BA. One of the responses to this question read, “Saying a BA is tech support is like saying a Michelin-rated chef is a ‘cook’.” I laughed because this is entirely true. Our BAs are more than just tech supporters. They are creative problem solvers, capable of putting their diverse knowledge and ability to make personal connections with their customers, as well as optimizing their customers’ business workflows.


2. They Know the Ins and Outs of Salesforce and are Unafraid of Gnarly Orgs

Not only is their tech support experience beyond par, but their Salesforce knowledge is as well. Our BAs average 3 years of experience using Salesforce. They’ve also seen hundreds of orgs over the years which has enhanced their knowledge of how other companies solve similar challenges with Salesforce and Conga Composer. They’re excited by new challenges, and – thanks to our customers –constantly get to work on cases that stretch their Salesforce skills.

It’s not uncommon to overhear them brainstorming with customers on the best way to structure their data in Salesforce or explaining a new Salesforce function. They read Release Notes, take Trailhead challenges and participate in the Salesforce Community to stay current. Some of them are even active in the Community beyond what relates to Conga – like Ben McCarthy, who manages his own Salesforce blog. Talk about a double whammy – with this team our customers get support from a combination of a Conga whiz and a Salesforce connoisseur. A jack of all trades, to say the least.

3. Our Certified Rockstars Provide Trusted Support

As new Salesforce apps pop up every day, it can be hard to discern who really knows their stuff. The majority of our BAs are Salesforce Administrator certified, with a large sum who have multiple certs. Along with all of their dense training and mastering of Salesforce, they have put their knowledge to test and passed with flying colors.

4. You Can Find a Conganeer to Help You All Over the World

We have offices in three locations across the globe, which means that the sun never sets on Conga. No matter your location, you’ll get live support when you need it. Especially in the UK office, where we specifically hire BAs who can converse about Salesforce, buttons, templates, etc. in French and German. This allows customers from around the world to get the support they need, which is pretty cool in my book. Even those who are less language savvy will put forth their best effort, as this response to my survey hilariously demonstrates: “I only speak one language fluently. However, I do know ‘Please’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Excuse Me’, and ‘The check please’ in 3 languages (Spanish, Italian and French).”

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5. They Build Genuine Connections with Our Customers

Our BAs fulfill awesome lifestyles outside of the office, giving them a balance between work and play. Residing in Colorado, Sydney and London, the BA team members are active adventure seekers. They focus 100% of their energy on helping customers while at work, but our BAs spend their hard earned free time doing awesome activities. From rugby, music festivals, volunteering, snowboarding, traveling, hiking, and family vacations, they make the most out of each day. Once back in the office they show genuine interest in getting to know our customers, and interact as humans should on support calls rather than robots. They’re definitely the kind of people you’d want within your friend group, and provide very sincere support because of it.


6. They Love What They do, and It Translates to Delightful Support Experiences

It would be difficult to find another company with a support team who loves their job more than ours. Being a Business Analyst is far from a chore. Our BAs are stoked about Conga, our team members and helping customers to get the most out of what we offer. I asked what their favorite thing is about being a BA, and their responses were inspiring. Here’s a few:

  • “The people I work with and finding a way resolve a difficult solution.”
  • “Talking to people!”
  • “Every day is different and a new challenge.”
  • “Obvious answer – Solving issues for people, but just working with the awesome Conga team.”
  • “Working with Salesforce, working with awesome Conganeers and saving customers time/money with an amazing tool!”
  • “Helping the customers get a smile when they deal with me and solving their issues. Interacting with different customers with each case being a new learning every day! Love it!”
  • “Helping people achieve, with Conga apps, something they could not do with Salesforce alone.”
  • “Working with an incredible team of bright people with great personalities.”
  • “Making heroes out of our Conga prospects/customers.”
  • “I’m constantly learning new things, whether it’s from fellow BAs or clients.”
  • “There are new puzzles to solve every day!”
  • “Working with the best team on the best product.”

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