A Sales and Contract Process that Makes Sales, Management and Legal Happy? It’s Not Impossible

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So you’ve got Salesforce and the dream of selling smarter and faster. You know that this CRM tool can make your sales processes more efficient and improve the productivity of your sales teams, but your users are reluctant to use it. Now what? How do you create an end-to-end sales and contract approval process that your sales teams will actually want to use?


First let’s take stock of all of the different parties involved to understand their business needs and goals for a sales and contract approval process.

Sales reps: Sales reps need to close business as fast as possible. Anything that will slow down getting a contract signed will not be well received by this team. Sales reps also tend to be extremely comfortable with the current process, so any new process must be demonstrably better than what they’re currently doing and come with in-depth training.

Management: Your management wants to curb discounting to ensure every deal can be delivered profitably. They also crave more visibility into the sales pipeline, but struggle to gain insights because so much of the quoting and contract process is done in email.

Legal: The legal team needs to minimize risk of every contract, which means they probably review every contract– word. for. word. For the majority of contracts using boilerplate language this is unnecessary and creates a bottleneck to closing deals. Unfortunately since there’s no way to ensure terms have not been edited, legal must read the contracts.

Creating a solution that will make your sales, management and legal teams happy is a tall order, but fear not it can be done. Orbitz Worldwide built a sales and contract process on the Salesforce platform and Conga Composer that:

  • Enables the sales team to close deals faster with one-click contract creation and delivery
  • Eliminates 90% of contract approvals
  • Expands pipeline visibility
  • Curtails unwarranted discounting
  • Generates an 82% efficiency improvement on contract processing

Want to know how they did it? Watch Certified Salesforce Administrator for Orbitz Worldwide, Melissa VanDyke,  provide an inside look and demo of their solution in the following video.


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