Dynamically Customizing Hyperlinks in Email Templates – How Conga Does It

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If you’ve been in touch with one of our Business Analyst recently, you may have noticed that their email signature has a link to schedule a support meeting using Calendly. It’s been a pretty popular feature, so the BAs requested we add it to our standard Conga Email Templates. That way when your BA emails you a quote or a response to your installation, you can schedule a follow up meeting to discuss it right from the email.

The simplest way to include hyperlinks in a template is to use {{HYPERLINK:MergeFieldName}} as described on CongaSphere. So we started by adding a field on the User object to house each BA’s custom Calendly link, and we included that merge field in the email signature.


The merged output looks like:


We quickly found out that our BAs wanted to customize what the friendly link said. To solve for this we added two more fields on the User object to allow each BA to customize how the link appears in his or her email signature.

Calender Scheduler

The URL and FriendlyText fields are simple text fields. The Link field is a formula that references the two text fields to build a hyperlink. Here’s the formula we used.

HYPERLINK(Calendar_Scheduler_URL__c, Calendar_Scheduler_FriendlyText__c )

We then replaced the hyperlink field in the template with the merge field for the formula field.


End result: Each BA can choose how to display the hyperlink in his or her signature.


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