Easily Manage Images for Use with Conga Composer

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Today’s post is from Garry Polmateer, Managing Partner at Red Argyle, a Conga Alliance and Salesforce Consulting and ISV Partner. Garry is a Salesforce Community MVP. You can often find him on Twitter, photobombing pictures with a classic “thumbs up” pose and saying “awesome” as much as possible.

One thing we love about Conga and their suite of applications is that they are deeply integrated into the Salesforce platform. They are almost a platform unto themselves. With Red Argyle being a Conga Partner, I’ve learned to appreciate this fact time and time again. The tool lets us tinker and combine Conga’s parts with Salesforce’s parts to solve complex document generation needs for our customers

One such use case is managing images. Conga has always supported image merging, even dynamic image merging. The challenge has been trying to figure out a great click path for the average user to upload, host, generate a URL, and make that URL available to Conga Composer to generate the document from.

At Red Argyle, we always strive to keep things as standard as possible, but we also have a great development team on staff with big imaginations and the ability to rapidly deliver custom applications when use cases demand it. On one of our Conga projects, we arrived at an impasse in which we needed to dynamically manage many images on every merge. This had to be done in a simple, intuitive way so any user could rapidly add images as part of their daily workflow.

 So, my business partner Tom Patros (@tompatros on Twitter) dreamed up this Conga image tool, which we have aptly named “Pic.” It allows users to easily, with just a few clicks, upload an image, store it as a document, make it publically accessible, AND grab the URL and deposit it in a text field on the object so that Conga Composer can easily manipulate the image in any merge operations.

Going back to Conga as a platform–if Conga were a closed loop system or didn’t allow ingenuity outside of their product to solve problems, we never would have been able to do this. But, fortunately, it is a flexible platform, and by taking Salesforce–with its customization abilities–and combining it with Conga, you’ve got a potent mix where it’s possible to make amazing things, for cheap.

If you’re interested in Pic, contact me via Twiter or email: @darthgarry and garry@redargyle.com. I’d be happy to review your needs and see how we could help get Pic enabled in your Salesforce instance to speed up your merging today!


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