Now Available! Faster, Easier Creation of Conga Composer Solutions

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We’re excited to introduce Conga Solution Manager, an intuitive user interface that provides a dramatically easier experience for creating and managing Composer solutions. Now available on the AppExchange when upgrading Conga Composer, Solution Manager makes building and maintaining Conga Composer solutions simpler than ever!

Single Hub for Admins

Access all components of a Composer solution straight from the Solution Manager record with the click of a button. Instantly add the following elements:

  • Reports
  • Queries
  • Document templates
  • Conga email templates
  • Parameters

Search for and select existing reports, queries or templates or quickly create a new one without having to navigate tabs.


Point-and-Click Interface

No more copying and pasting record IDs for reports, queries, templates or email templates. In a matter of clicks, admins can choose the solution components to include in the Composer button from Solution Manager. As solution elements are added, the admin creating the solution can click the link to the corresponding Salesforce record and quickly preview the actual reports, queries, templates or email templates chosen.

Searchable Parameters

With so many parameters to choose from when customizing the behavior of a Composer solution, it can require some research to identify the correct parameter.  However, as the admin creating the solution types text in the parameter search field, Solution Manager automatically displays results. Clicking on a particular parameter in the search results displays the corresponding definition and details. Locating the right parameter is a breeze!


Ensure a Production Ready Solution

Quickly test the solution before granting access to end users. Select a sample test record and launch Composer directly from the Solution Manager record. After testing, simply select the “Manage Page Layouts” button on the Solution Manager record to add the Composer solution to the appropriate page layout and end users are ready to roll. Changes to the solution are automatically archived on the Solution Manager record in the related list, “Button Archive” so admins can easily track changes or revert to an earlier version of the solution if needed.


Deploy in No Time

Looking for a Composer solution with no assembly required? Check out the new Composer Solution Packs. In just a few clicks, launch a complete, out-of-the-box solution to get up and running in no time. Solution Packs offer a quick way to demonstrate proof of concept, or serve as the foundation for a Composer solution that can be further customized. Install Solution Packs today!


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