What’s on the Market for Conga and Real Estate

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We love learning about new industries, and how they harness Salesforce and Conga to manage their business. Real estate is an industry that depends on the ability to stay connected with clients, track all activity and property data, as well as stay updated about changes within the market. What better way to achieve these goals than with Salesforce? Especially when there are specialized real estate CRM apps like REthink, which has Properties, Listings, Leases, Company, and other real estate specific objects for managing your business.

ReThink (1)

Let’s say a mortgage broker needs one hundred leasing agreements with information specific to each property – or a property manager wants to compare the size, prices and photos of homes in a certain neighborhood. Conga Composer will gather data from Rethink custom objects, just like it does in Salesforce, to generate reports, flyers, listings, comparables, and other real estate documents.

What kinds of documents can you create with Conga?

1. Flyers

If a realtor is giving a few open houses and wants to create flyers for each property, Composer is the way to go. The broker is able to customize a Composer template with predefined fields that will plug in specific data from REthink. Images can be plugged in as well – REthink provides a section on the Property object to upload images, which can then be used to populate on flyers or any other documents. What’s really neat is that a realtor can take a photo on site with a smartphone, upload it to the property object and use Composer to generate a flyer with the image – all from Salesforce1.

Say the broker wants to create a ton of different flyers for different properties – No problem! Conga Conductor uses batch processing to generate multiple flyers with data from multiple properties.


2. Monthly Reports

Month-to-month reports are very important in the real estate industry. Custom–formatted reports allow managers to track transactions, statuses, sale prices and more internally within the team. With just a click of a Composer button, Composer will instantly create reports with data from any given time period.

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3. Listing Activity Report

Instead of copying and pasting data into an activity report, the broker can use Composer to populate this information from a Property object in REthink. Even if the broker were out in the field they could use Salesforce1 to research any listing activity information about a specific property. After any itemized time period these reports can show all offers, sales, damage claims etc.


4. Sales Comparable Reports (a.k.a Comps)

These documents are a favorite to automate amongst many real estate companies, since manually compiling multiple data points across multiple properties takes a long time. Composer is able to collect data from multiple properties within a specific area and compare sizes, prices, photos, etc. By using Conga QuickMerge, the report criteria can be defined based on timeframe, location and price range, which will then give potential buyers insight into the market of the property they are looking for.

How are REthink and Conga revolutionizing real estate?

Thanks to REthink and Conga, realtors can accomplish daily tasks and manage their businesses in a more efficient way. REthink lets users cut down on admin positions, enhance professionalism, keep everything uniform and organized, and increase cost and time savings. With Conga products all of the great data that is stored in REthink can be easily exported and plugged into beautiful documents and reports from anywhere, allowing realtors to quickly provide personalized responses to clients.


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