What’s the Game Plan for Your Invoice Solution?

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Ready to build out an invoice solution with Conga Composer? We’ve created a playbook to help you achieve a winning solution! In this post, we’ll take a look at the More Data play, an important step in getting started with any solution.

Play: More Data

More than likely you’ll want to build the Conga Composer button for your invoice solution on the Opportunity object. From here, you can easily access Opportunity information to include in your document as Composer retrieves data from the master object automatically. Maybe you would also like to retrieve data from the related Account or Primary Contact. When using certain standard Salesforce objects (Account, Contact, Opportunity or Quote) as your master object, Conga Composer also displays fields from related objects.


When your master object is the Opportunity, Conga automatically provides you with the following related datasets:
• Account
• Account Owner (this is the User object)
• Opportunity Line Items
• Opportunity Line Items’ Products
• Opportunity Owner (this is the User object)
• Primary Contact from Contact Roles
• Primary Contact’s Account
• Primary Contact’s Account Owner (this is the User object)
• Primary Contact Owner (this is the User object)
Maybe you want to display the results from these related datasets in a certain order; for example, group the products by product family or product code. In that case, you will need to create a Salesforce report or SOQL query to retrieve your data so you can apply a sorting order to your data. If you require data from custom objects, you will also need to create a Salesforce report or SOQL query.

PRO TIP: Remember to filter your report or query on the master object ID (most likely the Opportunity ID). When you add your report or query ID to the Conga Composer button/link URL, be sure to add an alias as well. This will make it easier to build your template.
template builder

Ready for more plays? Download the entire playbook now!


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