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Conga® | Dreamforce '17 | November 6-9 San Francisco, CA

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Hear from Conga experts and customers on streamlining and accelerating your process with intelligent automation

Next Gen CPQ Meets Next Gen CLM

Is your price book large and complex? Do your customers negotiate default business terms and legal language? Learn how Conga and Salesforce have teamed up to bring you one seamless solution that will cut this stage of your sales cycle in half while eliminating errors and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Will Spendlove, VP Marketing, Salesforce
  • Kimber Spradlin, GM Contract Automation Solutions, Conga, 
  • Matt Beshany: Solution Engineer, Conga
Where: San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Foothill E
When: Wednesday November 8, 3:00 pm – 3:40 pm

What Can A.I. Do For Contract Management?

The rise of AI points a spotlight at the need for integrating intelligent technologies into our business processes. At the same time, Contract Management is a growing business priority, but creating effective automation requires intelligence, as contracts can be complex to create, difficult to negotiate, and time-consuming to manage.


  • Doug Rybacki, VP Products, Conga

When: Monday, November 6, 11:30 am – 12:10 pm
Where: San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Foothill F

The Art of Possible: Coca-Cola Keeps Customers Refreshed with Salesforce

Have you wondered what a full implementation of Salesforce looks like? Join us to hear how Coca-Cola is using the power of the Salesforce Platform to manage their entire process of commercialization. You’ll walk away with new ideas for customizing Salesforce to meet your company’s needs.


  • Ryan Housman, Sr Mgr Commercial Productivity, Coca-Cola North America
  • Sal Shaikh, Director, Tools & Capabilities, Coca-Cola
  • Scott Sugimoto, Product Marketing Manager, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

When: Tuesday, November 7, 9:30 AM – 10:10 AM
Where: San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 10-12

How Many Clicks Does It Take To Act On Your Salesforce Data?

More than 40% of a sales person’s time is spent dealing with administrative tasks. How do you prioritize and drive changes to the sales process to create a happier, more productive sales team? Learn how many companies have approached this issue with specific examples of projects that slashed non-selling time.


  • Natasha Roloff, Director, Global Solutions Delivery, Conga
  • Bobby Johnson, Technical Product Manager, Conga

Where: San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Foothill G1 – G2
When: Tuesday November 7, 11:00 am – 11:40 am

Exceed Your Users’ CRM Expectations And Put Your Quote To Cash Process Into Hyperdrive

Every business is unique, so your Quote to Cash implementation should be designed around you. Join Conga and Simplus for best practices on customizing Salesforce CPQ with automated and highly-branded proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices that can be easily negotiated and brought back into Salesforce.


  • Peter Terhune, Director of Product Management, Salesforce MVP, Conga
  • Randy West, Director of Quote-to-Cash, Simplus
  • Lance Evanson, EVP Business Development, Simplus

When: Wednesday November 8, 11:00 am – 11:40 am

Where: San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Foothill G1-G2

How to Speed Up Contract Negotiations and Lose Fewer Deals

Even the speediest sales and legal teams get bogged down in quotes and contracts. All parties would like nothing more than to be “done” and you can begin to deliver your goods or services. Come see how Conga completes the Quote to Cash process, bridging from Salesforce CPQ to eSignature.


  • Kristine Anderson Barry, Salesforce
  • Pete Castro, Product Manager Conga Contracts, Conga

When: Monday, November 6 at 1 pm-1:20pm
Where: San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Golden Gate – Expedition Theater

Sales Summit: Why Sales Enablement Fails to Boost Productivity (CEB)

How much of today’s well-intended sales enablement actually enables seller productivity? The answer is both surprising and frustrating. Join Brent Adamson, Principal Advisor, CEB, now Gartner, as he shares the challenges and solutions to boosting sales productivity.


  • Brent Adamson, Principal Executive Advisor, CEB, now Gartner, Author of “The Challenger Sale”

When: Monday, November 6, 9:00 AM – 9:40 AM
Where: San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 7

There’s a Hole in your Bucket: Attrition Management

The Law of Churn is reflected from the leaky bucket model – this indicates that your attrition is impacting your revenue. Join us to learn how Salesforce and AppExchange Partners, such as Conga and MapAnything, are innovating ways to help close those gaps. #DF17Partners


  • Allan Peters, SVP Global Sales, Conga
  • Jenny Schmidt, MapAnything

When: Tue Nov 7, 2017, 1pm – 1:40pm Pacific Time
Where: Park Central Hotel, City

Account-Based Marketing: Myths and Reality

Account-Based Marketing is hot! Despite the buzz, few companies truly know how to take advantage of ABM to deliver pipe and revenue. Join this exclusive panel of innovative marketers as they share their best practices and experience. You will learn how to:

  • Build your ABM strategy.
  • Strategically select a targeted set of accounts.
  • Execute orchestrated and personalized campaigns that drive pipe.
  • Measure, refine and improve your strategy.


  • Esther Flammer, VP of Demand Generation, Conga
  • Katelyn West, Consumer Affairs
  • Mark Farnell, New Voice Media
  • Cindy Tyeskey-Gage, Salesforce

When: Tue Nov 7, 2017, 1pm – 1:40pm Pacific Time
Where: Park Central Hotel, Olympic

International Marketing Expansion: Create Your Global Strategy

Are you interested in expanding your operations internationally? Join this panel of marketing experts to learn how they have successfully built their customer journeys across multiple geographies and exponentially grown their business. They’ll discuss how to build a company’s local presence in a new country, even without local offices, set up the right teams to support international expansion, redefine how sales, service, and marketing teams work together, and select the right touchpoints and channels across regions. #DF17Partners


  • Eric Wong, VP, Marketing, Conga
  • Patti Bauernfeind, Director, Salesforce

Where: Park Central Hotel, Franciscan I
When: Wednesday, November 8, 9:00 a.m. – 9:40 a.m.