Conga Sign

Simplify your document execution with eSignature built for Salesforce

Contracts are the foundation of every business and affect every dollar that comes in and goes out, so managing them effectively is key to success. Yet many businesses still manage their contracts with time-consuming and outdated processes. If you are still relying on printers and scanners to get your contracts executed, there is a better way.

Simplify your contract negotiation and execution with Conga Sign, an easy-to-use, modern eSignature solution built for Salesforce. Whether on mobile or desktop, Salesforce Classic or Lightning, Conga Sign accelerates how business gets done. Conga Sign integrates with our market-leading solutions, or you can use Conga Sign on its own to better execute any documents in Salesforce. Create a quick and secure signing experience for your customers, without requiring that they install and learn a new system, and you’ll be the company they choose to do business with.

Conga Sign helps you:

  • Improve the customer experience by adding eSignature to documents for faster, easier execution
  • Take advantage of a new and modern eSignature interface, designed and built for Salesforce users — in either Lightning or Classic
  • Reinforce Salesforce as your system of record: automatically create and save executed contracts and other documents in Salesforce for a clear history/audit trail
  • Automate the signature process with Salesforce Workflows —no need to learn a new system
  • Execute deals faster with sign-on-the-go capabilities through an interface built for phone and tablet
  • Provide an easy and intuitive signing experience for your customers that doesn’t require special software or hardware
  • Track the status of signature activity from draft to completion
  • Uncover contract roadblocks — like transaction expirations and declines — with built-in analytics
  • Leverage the Salesforce roles and permissions you already have in place for quick time-to-value
  • Avoid downtime and business disruption with 24/7 access to our 5-star rated global support team

Start using Conga Sign today to execute faster on:

  • Sales contracts like MSAs and NDAs
  • HR documents, including onboarding and sensitive employee communications
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Internal process change acknowledgements

“Conga Sign provided an intuitive sign experience that worked far smoother than our current signature process. As a long time Conga user, the opportunity to go from document generation through signature, all within Salesforce, makes the entire contracts process much easier, especially managing our SOWs and MSAs.”

– Lance Evanson, EVP Business Development, Simplus


Create: fast, easy, personalized documents in SalesforceStart your document generation the way that works best for you: from any Object, Custom Object, batch create from a Conga ActionGrid, or set it up to kick off automatically with a Salesforce Workflow. Conga Sign easily integrates with your current Conga solution or any other document generation tool, such as Salesforce CPQ. Automate or quickly drag and drop signature tags for a professional, painless signing experience.
Deliver: structured, templated communication to any signer — inside or outside of SalesforceSigners do not need a license to sign, just the ability to open a Microsoft Word document and click. Routing options allow you to control the signing order or use parallel routing for faster contract execution.
Automate: the contract experienceTimed reminders, automated signature tag inclusion, and triggered workflow activities create a smooth, error-free flow for your contracts.
Track: your contract process in Salesforce from start to finishTrack the status of signature activity, from draft through completion. Highlight contract roadblocks — like expirations and declines — to keep business moving forward.

Manage your entire contract lifecycle in Salesforce with a single trusted partner. We’ll take you from creation and negotiation through eSignature and execution. With more than a decade of experience in the Contract Lifecycle Management and Salesforce space, we know a thing or two about contract execution.

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