Conga SalesConnect

Real Time Contract Visibility in Salesforce

For Salesforce users who want to utilize Conga Novatus, Conga SalesConnect offers visibility into the entire Contract Lifecycle Management process, without leaving your Salesforce instance. Salesforce users stay in Salesforce while legal teams remain in Conga Novatus, providing visibility from your CRM platform into your contract lifecycle management.

Let’s face it, contracts are complex. Managing various terms, pricing and service levels, approvals and versions leads to confusion and unnecessary back and forth for teams throughout an organization. Conga SalesConnect removes the frustrations associated with the sell-side of contract management by allowing sales to request and monitor the contract lifecycle management process from directly within Salesforce.

Conga SalesConnect simplifies the contract lifecycle with the ability to:

  • Store and manage unlimited contracts
  • Gain access to compliance reporting for greater visibility between departments throughout the enterprise, reducing risk and exposure
  • Monitor and track interactions and cycle times throughout the contract lifecycle
  • Compare revisions
  • Route tasks to appropriate parties and track progress
  • Negotiate in a secure environment
  • Speed up negotiation timelines with electronic signature
  • Allow Salesforce users to manage contracts directly in Salesforce with Conga SalesConnect

Simplifying contract lifecycle management for Salesforce users, Conga SalesConnect offers users an easy way to realize immediate benefits to visibility, contract execution and time savings.