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  • Salesforce Connected Leaders Webinar: Back Office Apps To Connect Everything

    Join Salesforce and Conga for the latest Connected Leaders webcast and hear how IT departments are integrating data sources and simplifying company workflows, why developers benefit from apps specifically designed to make their jobs easier, and how HR and finance departments now connect more effectively with the front office.

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  • Top Pitfalls that Keep Your Sales Team from Selling – and How to Fix Them

    Join this Webinar to learn about the major pitfalls almost every sales rep falls into that cause them to spend less time selling and generating revenue. Find out the major challenges and walk away with actionable ideas to get your sales organization to sell more, faster.

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  • Spring Into Action: Turbocharge How You Use Salesforce with DocuSign and Conga

    Businesses like yours have reduced sales cycle and new hire onboarding times from weeks to hours with DocuSign for Salesforce, and are cranking out contracts in minutes using Conga Composer. Learn how you can outrun the competition by getting the most out of your Salesforce implementation.

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  • Best practices for streamlining your contract processes

    If you’re one of the many companies still using outdated manual contract management practices, join this webinar on May 11th to accelerate contracts that get bogged down in the final stage of the agreement process.

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  • People or Machines: Anticipating the Future of Contract Management

    At the heart of any business decision is the assessment of risk versus reward. How and why are companies deciding what to change and when? What will the blended function of the future look like?

    From technology to operations, changes are here, more are coming. Learn about them on this webinar by joining Doug Rybacki, Conga VP of Product Management, and Tim Cummins, IACCM CEO for a discussion on the Future of Contract Management.

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  • The Power of Contract Analytics

    As companies strive for data-driven decision-making, they demand better information and analytics. Learn how today’s empowered and evolving contract repositories have led to new, powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that will be critical to the success of tomorrow’s companies.

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  • Conga Novatus: Strategies for Contract Efficiency

    As a contract professional, you can’t afford NOT to take the time to check out this webinar on-demand. Discover how you can increase visibility for your critical negotiations, learn about the Negotiation Portal and the enhancements coming while streamlining contract execution with DocuSign and Adobe eSign.

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  • Don’t Miss These New Productivity-driving Features

    Inefficient business processes cost your business every day. What could you accomplish if your employees were 95% more efficient in their jobs? See a live demo of new productivity-driving features you may have missed during 2016, including white labeling, new output destinations and new data management capabilities.

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  • Novatus: Automating the Contract Lifecycle

    Automation with Novatus can deliver significant return in supplier and internal compliance, better sourcing, workflow efficiency, and much more. Join us to learn what Conga can provide for your organization.

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  • How to Create a High Integrity Contract Repository

    The Sumati-Conga partnership strengthens the value for customers by ensuring contracts and metadata in the system are of the highest integrity. Get instant access to our webinar and learn how Sumati and Conga can work together for your organization.

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