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Use Conga Composer as enhanced DocGen for Salesforce CPQ when the customer quoting use case requires;

  • Large individual DocGen (in excess of 4.9MB as of July 2017)
  • More than 200 rows in a quote (If out-of-the-box CPQ grid mechanisms are utilized the limit is somewhere around 200 lines. This is due to limitations around time to query and format.)
  • More than the typical number images in a quote (see standard CPQ DocGen size limit above. Conga can handle nearly unlimited file sizes)
  • Use Conga Composer for complex presentations and proposals – especially when formats other than HTML or PDF are required (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs, etc.)
  • Use Conga Composer when the customer use case requires complex DocGen of Excel, PowerPoint or other dynamically computed documents or information from data sources off platform

Automation of Salesforce Data to Documents with Delivery

Use Conga Conductor/Workflow when large volumes of scheduled or workflow triggered Quotes need to be produced/sent to a customer’s customers


  • periodic renewals
  • subscription consumption
  • monthly batches, etc.

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Next Generation Contract Management Tightly Integrated to CPQ

  • Use Conga Contracts Negotiator when a customer is interested in automating and tracking the CPQ Quoting redlining process

Next Generation Contract Management Tightly Integrated to CPQs

  • Use Conga Contracts Negotiatorwhen a customer has no Contracts Management systemin place to easily send and track quotes in the Standard Salesforce Contracts Object and as both an on-ramp to CLM and a competitive lock-out to other CPQ vendors with CLM products.
  • Use Conga Invoice Automation for Salesforce Billing to generate up to 1,000 Invoice Presentments per month to customer for FREE.
  • Upgrade with Conga Composer Service Events to enable Conga Invoice Automation for Salesforce Billing to generate single, scheduled, triggered and/or batched invoicing in excess of 1,000 Invoice/month.
  • Use Conga ActionGrid to speed up deployment and lower total cost of ownership of adopting Salesforce CPQ.
  • Conga ActionGrid enables Admins/PMs to faster and more accurately upload productsand price books to Salesforce CPQ to speed time to deployment.
  • Conga ActionGrid enables Users to update quote datarapidly from a single interface with minimal clicks to speed time to quote.
  • Conga ActionGrid enables product owners to mass update pricing from a single interface reducing cycles and increasing user throughput to Reduce Total Cost of Ownershipof Salesforce CPQ.