Contract Automation

An easier way to negotiate business & reduce risk

Improving and automating the entire contract lifecycle ensures your company stands out from the competition, while simplifying processes and safeguarding the contracts responsible for driving business

The Benefits of End-to-End
Contract Automation

Managing enterprise contracting is complicated by the needs of diverse stakeholders. Your sales team wants the ability to create, send, and execute on contracts fast. Your legal team wants control over language and terms to reduce corporate risk. How do you satisfy the needs of both? By providing an end-to-end solution with integrated interfaces for both sales and legal.

With Conga Contract Automation, you will gain visibility into, and control over, all the contracts in your organization, while simplifying and accelerating the contract creation and negotiation process. Conga Contract Automation gives you the flexibility to automate the entire process or just specific parts of the process.

The Complete Contract Automation solution

Create efficiencies and expedite cross-departmental efforts while reducing risk

Designed for Usability Across the Organization

Expertly designed interfaces specifically built for sales and for legal, giving your teams the ability to manage contracts on their platform of choice with access to the data from both.

Control over and Insight into Every Contract

A common repository that makes it easy to search and view all contracts, giving you control over and insight into every corporate contract, whether generated by sales or legal.

Automated Legal Controls to Expedite Deals

Gives legal control with the ability to set rules and processes for sales to follow, without the need to be involved in every deal.

Simple, Fast Contract Execution with Electronic Signature

Creation of professional, customized and error-free contracts, regardless of length or complexity, including rich text and images—that can be sent in batch from a single screen.

Unlimited Storage Capabilities

Unlimited storage capabilities off the Salesforce platform so you don’t have to worry about expensive storage limits.

Automated Approval Routing to Mitigate Delays

The ability to automatically route approvals based on workflow rules, saving time and involving appropriate parties at the appropriate time.

Build perfect contract solution for your business with the Conga Product Suite

Conga Contracts

Gain visibility and control over all the contracts in your organization, while simplifying and accelerating the creation and negotiation process. Streamline the complete contract management lifecycle with a robust repository, granular security controls, flexible routing and approvals, and automated reporting.

Conga Composer

Create and deliver sophisticated robust documents including presentations, sales documentation and reports by merging data from any standard or custom object into richly-formatted templates.

Conga Actiongrid

A data management solution that provides dynamic views so users can see and act on all relevant data from a single screen. Eliminate the need to click through various records, create relationships between objects, or update permissions one by one.

Conga Conductor

Launch on-demand or scheduled Conga Composer solutions in batches, saving time, effort and money when you need to run the same Composer solution for many records at once or on a recurring interval.

Conga Workflow

Trigger the execution of individual Composer solutions via Salesforce workflow rules without user interaction.

Conga Sign

Simplify your document execution process with a redefined eSignature solution built for Salesforce, by Salesforce users. Help speed up document execution and protect the agreements that drive your business