Conga Redlining

Accelerate and Simplify Your Contract Negotiations

How it works

Contract negotiations are an arduous and chaotic aspect of business. Conga Redlining streamlines and accelerates contract negotiations, so you can sign the contract faster—all without leaving Salesforce. The first stand-alone redlining solution available in the Salesforce AppExchange, Conga Redlining helps you manage negotiations without bouncing back and forth to Word or other document editing programs while also removing you from the endless back and forth of emailing with updates.

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  1. Send contracts directly from Salesforce and track all versions when they come back.
  2. Manage negotiations and compare document versions—without ever leaving Salesforce.
  3. Cut down on email communication back and forth between sales and legal for contract updates.
  1. Leverage the essential features of a contract lifecycle management solution without the costs and training.
  2. Reduce errors by automating traditionally manual tasks, which require updates to repository and versioning.

More control

Conga Redlining gives you:

Greater speed

Increased visibility

  1. Easily view and approve changes to business terms, such as payment details, with fewer approval hurdles.
  2. Maintain a full contract history within easy reach in your Salesforce CRM.
  3. Purpose built for Salesforce Lightning, users can track and compare document changes without the wrapping of a heavier contract lifecycle management application.

When you streamline your team’s contract negotiation experience, they can focus their energy on what they do best, instead of chasing down the latest contract.

Conga Redlining

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A faster, smoother contract negotiation accelerates the speed of business. Conga Redlining gives you the key features to redline contracts—all within Salesforce.

Send for NegotiationProprietary email messaging tool that tracks redlining communication and negotiation.
View RedlinesView all changes directly in Salesforce without leaving the platform.
HistoryContract History shows Salesforce tasks and activities, as well as document-specific activities like uploading and versioning, in a single view. In addition to the standard activity log, email attachments are automatically uploaded and versioned to Salesforce, where they are time stamped and visible in the Contract History.
Email MessagingA unique tracking ID is inserted in email, and any attached documents are tied back to the original contract record.
Select Primary DocumentIf there are many documents related to a Contract record, you’ll be able to easily identify the primary document.
AutomationAutomatically attaches documents in Salesforce to outbound emails, recognizes inbound email attachments, and updates document version in Salesforce content repository.