Sales & Support Automation

Empower sales and customer support to focus on core activities, streamlining and optimizing non-core tasks wherever possible


In a highly competitive, high-volume sales landscape, deals are made and closed quickly. Automation is the name of the game in streamlining sales, updating data, and creating breathing room to help you move leads to opportunities to close. But your tools need to serve you, and if the tool box is too crowded, you won’t be able to find what you need or use it effectively.

Sales and Support Automation tools should be ones that have many applications throughout the sales process, and that will assist the entire organization from sales to operations. Automation isn’t just about speed, it’s also about having the right options that are useful at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

The Benefits of End-to-End Sales Acceleration

Sales teams are rapidly evolving to keep up with the increasing demands of a fast-moving marketplace and an empowered customer. Reconciling these competing demands requires sales and customer support to focus on core activities, streamlining and optimizing their non-core tasks wherever possible.

A major area of focus for sales and customer support organizations is in reducing manual, administrative tasks. This keeps employees focused on their main job function. The top administrative pitfalls for sales teams include: dirty data; manual, error-ridden report generation; and, outdated case management processes. Introducing integrated solutions to address each of these pitfalls ties together and speeds up the disparate pieces of the sales cycle, allowing teams to flourish in today’s landscape.

With Conga Sales and Support Automation, you have the flexibility to automated the entire process or specific parts of the process.


Start your business transformation by creating more efficiency and effectiveness across your entire organization. Empower your users to act fast on data

Create a Better Salesforce Experience

Make Salesforce users more productive by eliminating clicks and providing access to data from list views and reading panes without needing to click into records.

Uncover Actionable Insights

Uncover account insights to move business forward faster.

Create Visibility into the Pipeline

Identify trends, out-of-date deal information and pipeline anomalies with enhanced pipeline list views and conditional highlighting.

Increase the Value of Salesforce

Leverage the Conga Automation suite to meet and exceed the expectations of your Salesforce users. Increase usability and automate manual tasks to create an efficient business.

Contract Creation, Error-free and Pixel Perfect Every Time

Creation of professional, customized and error-free contracts and documents at the click of a button or automated with workflow. Eliminate copy/paste tasks.

Simple, Fast, Intuitive eSignature Built for Salesforce

Fast, easy and secure eSignature built for Salesforce. Defined by Salesforce users to work the way your teams work within Salesforce.

Comprehensive Reports Delivered Directly

Have reports delivered directly to users once or on a recurring basis both inside and outside your Salesforce organization.

Build an automation solution optimized specifically for your business with the Conga Product Suite

Conga Actiongrid

A data management solution that provides dynamic views so users can see and act on all relevant data from a single screen. Eliminate the need to click through various records, create relationships between objects, or update permissions one by one.

Conga Contracts

Gain visibility and control over all the contracts in your organization, while simplifying and accelerating the creation and negotiation process. Streamline the complete contract management lifecycle with a robust repository, granular security controls, flexible routing and approvals, and automated reporting.

Conga Composer

Create and deliver sophisticated robust documents including presentations, sales documentation and reports by merging data from any standard or custom object into richly-formatted templates.

Conga Conductor

Launch on-demand or scheduled Conga Composer solutions in batches, saving time, effort and money when you need to run the same Composer solution for many records at once or on a recurring interval.

Conga Workflow

Trigger the execution of individual Composer solutions via Salesforce worlflow rules without user interaction.

Conga Courier

Send an unlimited number of individual Salesforce workflow rules without user interaction.

Conga Sign

Simplify your document execution process with a redefined eSignature solution built for Salesforce, by Salesforce users. Help speed up document execution and protect the agreements that drive your business