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With Conga, FCR Media improves customer satisfaction 50% and transforms quoting process

When FCR Media started on their digital transformation project, they wanted solutions to improve their customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of their quoting process. This is when they discovered Conga, a cloud-based solution that would transform their document management and integrate seamlessly with their Salesforce instance.

FCR Media’s Challenges

  • Transparency & consistency: FCR Media prize transparency and consistency in communicating with their customers. But sometimes they fell short of consistent communication on solutions and services provided on the road—from quote to invoice to actual output. Achieving greater consistency in the customer experience was critical to higher customer satisfaction and to better overall order accuracy.
  • Order speed: The organisation also wanted to speed up the quoting process, another area where customer satisfaction could be improved.

Conga’s Solution

Integrating seamlessly into FCR’s Salesforce®, Conga Composer enabled the sales team to create great looking sales documents that clearly show products and services purchased and that keep information consistent from quote to invoice.

Customer and team satisfaction have skyrocketed since FCR Media adopted Conga Composer:

  1. Satisfaction: There has been a 50% improvement in FCR Media customer satisfaction scores due to improved speed, consistency and transparency.
  2. Time saved: Sales reps can now create new quotes in minutes instead of hours and the integration between Salesforce CPQ and Conga mean that sales productivity has soared.
  3. Consistent branding & easy updates: The marketing team can now easily ensure that all documents generated abide by brand guidelines. The integration with Salesforce makes it easy to make changes instantly to documents across multiple platforms, as all content lives in one central system of record.