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Conga Composer® gives you the ability to automatically create invoices and receipts by merging data directly from Salesforce® into a fully-configurable Microsoft Office® template. Generate precise invoice documents in the format of your choice, then use customizable HTML emails for direct delivery to your customers for a streamlined solution. Take the automation even further with Conga Conductor® and Conga Workflow® to email invoices and due date reminders in scheduled batches or via Salesforce workflow rules with no direct user interaction.

Create and send all types of invoices:

  • Customer invoices
  • Vendor and partner invoices
  • Order confirmations
  • Recurring bills
  • Business invoices
  • Consulting invoices
  • Donation receipts
  • Accounting invoices

Why use a Conga solution to create and send invoices?


What’s In It for You How We Do It
Clearly communicate with detailed invoices that are fully customized to your business
  • Utilize fully-configurable templates for complex, dynamic content including images, tables and global languages/currencies
  • Dynamically group standard or custom line items
  • Conditionally display or hide content based on your business rules
  • Send customized emails and documents simultaneously
Be consistent and never send duplicate invoices or receipts again
  • Automatically log activities and update fields in Salesforce
  • Store invoices or receipts in Salesforce as attachments, Chatter posts or Content records
Increase operational efficiency by fully automating your invoice and renewal process
  • Automatically create and send invoices, receipts and payment reminders via event-driven workflow or batched and scheduled solutions

See all of the Conga Composer features for creating invoices and receipts.