Discover solutions to eliminate friction points in your CRM and drive greater value across your business.

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Experience Conga

Sales Process

Conga is established as a must-have for optimizing CRM processes required to interact with customers, conduct business and maintain compliance. Conga simplifies and automates many of the CRM friction points creating the ideal experience.

  • SolutionsData

    Simplify data management and the Salesforce user experience. Make list views actionable, eliminate related lists and add spreadsheet-like capability directly in Salesforce.

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  • SolutionsDocuments

    Customize, streamline and scale document generation and reporting with Conga Composer, the #1 paid for application on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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  • SolutionsContracts

    Automate the entire contract lifecycle management process to gain visibility, ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

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  • SolutionsReports

    Gain insight and visibility into Salesforce activities that drive revenue with Conga Reporting, eliminating hours of manual number crunching and data analytics.

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