About Conga

The world’s top brands use Conga to accelerate sales processes, address compliance regulations, protect brand and message and report on actionable data to drive business forward.

Who We Are:

Conga’s suite of solutions creates more efficient organizations by simplifying and automating data, documents, contracts and reporting.  As the provider of the #1 paid application on the Salesforce AppExchange, we have more than a decade of experience increasing the value of the Sales Cloud by removing systems and process pain points that impede the customer lifecycle.  Our 8000+ customers are passionate about our platform and support giving us 5 stars on the Salesforce AppExchange.

What We Do:

Conga use cases are limited only by your Salesforce instance and your imagination.  With a suite of solutions that addresses the needs of the entire business lifecycle in Salesforce, we streamline and automate the tasks you run from Salesforce with data management, automated enterprise-grade document generation, contract lifecycle management and rich reporting to drive business forward.

What Our Customers Say:

  • Overall gold_stars_5

    Christina Moore says:

    Conga has so many great use cases that every business should have it. Their customer service team is always knowledgeable and will walk you through any difficulties you might be having. I am also pleased with their high level of documentation so that I can try and resolve challenges that come up. We have been using the product to send service summaries to clients after each visit.

  • Overall gold_stars_5

    David Bentz says:

    We are starting to use ActionGrid to facilitate faster batch data entry and editing of existing records. The ability to tab through and edit multiple related records at once is a huge time saver and we are looking forward to all the additional ways we can use this tool. Thank you ActionGrid!

  • Overall gold_stars_5

    Marcelle Braithwaite says:

    I’ve used this product for nearly a year now and I’m always amazed at all the custom solutions I can develop to help automate & generate documents for our users. The resources & Conga Team are incredibly helpful to help you hit the ground running or assist you in creating complex solutions. ##I’d definitely recommend installing it in a sandbox and have a play! Would recommend it to everyone!