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Conga ActionGrid

The better way to input data in Salesforce

  • Make list views actionable
  • Eliminate related lists
  • Add spreadsheet-like functionality to Salesforce

Conga Composer

The #1 rated document generation solution

  • Automate document generation to a single click, schedule or trigger
  • Merge data from any field, any object onto any document
  • Quotes, invoices, compliance documents, account plans, etc.

Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts streamlines and accelerates contract negotiations, so customers can close deals faster—all without leaving Salesforce.

  • Gain visibility into the negotiation process
  • Make changes (redlining) easily in MS Word
  • Reconcile data back to the system of record
  • Achieve insight into where and why contracts stall

Conga Courier

Automate & empower report delivery

  • Schedule and automate delivery of reports
  • Deliver reports to non-Salesforce users
  • Embed or attach reports to emails

Conga Novatus

Contract lifecycle management

  • Manage, negotiate, administer contracts
  • Maintain compliance
  • Automate policy enforcement and minimize risk

Conga Sign

Streamline contract processes and execute faster:

  • Present professional, customized contracts using the industry-leading document generation solution and e-signature solution from a single trusted partner
  • Create contracts in batch and send them for signature simultaneously in Salesforce; work from a single screen without having to click into each Account or Opportunity
  • Execute deals faster with sign-on-the-go capabilities using a mobile interface built for phone and tablet
  • Leverage the Salesforce roles and permissions you already have in place for quick time-to-value