Actionable Reporting & Fast Pipeline Management for Sales Leaders

8 Minutes to Better Sales

Pipeline management takes too long. 72% of companies expect sales managers to have pipeline review conversations multiple times per month. On average each of those meetings lasted 53 minutes. What’s worse, most companies’ forecasts are only 75% accurate.

Stop wasting your time! See how actionable reports can help you understand your team’s pipeline and the status of every deal in minutes. Plus help show your team where to focus their time—which leads, tasks and opportunities to prioritize to make quota.

In this 8 minute video you’ll learn how to:

  • Drive KPIs with interactive reports that allow you take action in real time
  • Quickly identify red flags in your team’s pipeline—like Opportunities without activity forecasted to close
  • Prioritize sales activities with data to drive better sales behavior
  • Easily understand the details of every opportunity

You’re Only 8 Minutes Away from Better Sales

“If Salesforce promises efficiency for Sales users, tools like Conga Grid actually deliver it. It saves tons of hours for Sales users giving them more time to actually sell.”

—Nitan Brahami, Sales Operations Analyst at Nexonia