AI That Will Transform Your Contracts

Conga is the leader in key AI technologies that help companies find a better way to organize, analyze, and manage contracts.

Leading the charge in contract and document intelligence

With Conga AI, boost your legal team’s productivity, find hidden contract savings, and gain visibility into all contracts across your entire business.


  • Save valuable time

    Automate many common, tedious, and manual contract processes. Save valuable time so your legal team can focus on more strategic work.

  • Gain visibility

    No more siloed, scattered contracts. Gain visibility into all contracts in your organization. Be ready to respond to the next audit or M&A.

  • Ensure compliance, reduce risk

    Find contracts that don’t comply with organizational standards. Use this information to standardize contracts and contract language to reduce risks and liabilities.

  • Automate your contract analysis

    Features built for today’s need

    • Automatically classify your contracts
    • Intelligently identify key clauses and metadata
    • Get a full contract analysis in seconds
    • Export key data to CLM, ERP, or CRM systems