Conga ActionGrid gives your business a more productive workforce and creates the data insights that drive growth. Transform your business with an enterprise-grade solution for viewing and working with Salesforce CRM data. Maintaining clean, up-to-date data becomes easy and efficient, leading to meaningful, actionable views that drive Salesforce adoption and understanding. Access deep insights into accounts, pipeline, and system-wide data while cutting time spent clicking through records unnecessarily.

How it works

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  1. Quickly sort and filter data for customized insight into account, pipeline or status – for fast action
  2. Save clicks and time on Salesforce record keeping with batch tasks and mass updates; add, edit, and save information in-line
  3. Get up and running quickly and easily with use case-specific Quick Grids that can be customized to your needs
  1. See and update multiple levels of information from a single screen with our customizable, on-platform interface
  2. Drive user adoption, understanding and behaviors
  3. View actionable dashboards directly in Salesforce, eliminating the need to export data or write Salesforce reports


Achieve clean, efficient Salesforce data for better insight

Start your business transformation by creating more efficiency and effectiveness across your entire organization with Conga ActionGrid.

Conga ActionGrid provides:



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Get ActionGrid and get more done.

Conga ActionGrid

Spreadsheets-like capabilities
Eliminate related lists
Actionable List Views

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By revolutionizing data management, what were once time-consuming, burdensome tasks are now completed with just a few clicks. Start saving time and money with features like:

Add/Edit in PlaceEdit fields directly in Salesforce like you would in Excel and add records without opening additional forms.
Reading PanesPreview records, edit long text fields and edit related lists from Salesforce.
Smart FiltersExcel-style checkbox filtering for a more intuitive and more powerful solution.
Filter on Parent and Child Related ObjectsCreate powerful filters from the parent / child related objects.
Filter ExceptionsAllows more advanced filtering
Field ChooserEasily add any field on-the-fly and even add fields from parent and child objects.
Batch Edit/Mass UpdateUsing our Conga Secure Mass Update℠, Salesforce fields can be set for different security profiles, allowing administrators to grant mass updating permissions to their end-users in a secure, field-by-field method per security profile. Update up to 50 Million rows of data.