Easily configure, automate and manage large numbers of workflow steps without any coding or custom development from your Salesforce environment. Visualize the flow of the workflow steps and to whom they’re assigned, with real time status of a process when it is being executed.

How it works

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  1. Write a process against any customer object
  2. Multi object process support
  3. See a visual diagram of process as it executes
  4. Pre-set any step field at step template creation
  5. Use native reports and dashboards for full visibility into process progress and future workload

Automated, efficient workflows that can handle the complex needs of today's businesses:

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Supercharged Workflow Automation for Salesforce


Build, run and visualize complex processes using our unique automated workflow distribution engine. Create process steps from a Task, Custom Object, Checklist, Scheduled Event, Email Alert, Field Update, Web service Callout or Document Merge.

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Cascading StepsOne step can initiate one or more other steps
Event Driven StepsSteps can be tied to events on Salesforce calendar with step due dates dynamically related to meeting date
Automated Process InitiationAny process can be set to initiate when an Account, Contact or Event is created or updated
Role-based Step AssignmentAssign steps based on Account level role assignments
Processing CloningClone all aspects of a process for re-use
Process Export CapabilitiesImport and export processes between organizations
Email AlertsSteps can send out email alerts to Accounts and Users
Field UpdatesUpdate fields on related records.
Re-occurring ProcessesAny process can be setup to initiate on a recurring basis
StagingA step will not be created until multiple predecessor steps are completed
Input DependenciesA step within a process can be set to create only under certain conditions
Multiple Object EntriesA single process can create entries to multiple other objects
Step Field ValidationsValidation rules at the step level
Step ChecklistsManage step completion with checklist items