Cheers to 10 years, AppExchange!

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Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the AppExchange, and we want to celebrate their awesomeness! Without the AppExchange, our founders, Mark Whiteside and Michael Markham, could not take the Salesforce experience to the next level. The AppExchange gave our founders a platform to build, develop and customize their visionary application, Conga Composer.

In 2006, Mark and Michael sought to solve a big problem – How do I get my data out of Salesforce and into my custom template, and then share it with the right people at the right time? With the freedom to construct Conga with few limitations, the two were able to quickly market the app and build a fan base. Conga Mail Merge was born in 2007, which then catalyzed the ideas and blueprinting for other Conga products. Within the next 4 years, Conga Composer, Conga Courier, Conga Conductor and Conga Workflow arose, as well as solid integrations withDocuSign, SendGrid, and Sertifi – Not to mention 150 million documents generated!

Why is the AppExchange so awesome? Here are our top three reasons.

1. It is a playground for start-ups

Techy dreamers like our founders can rapidly transform their ideas into top-shelf merchandise in the Salesforce marketplace, giving Conga the ability to brainstorm, generate and publicize within one thriving community.  The AppExchange lets you run your entire business on one cloud-based platform, and market to thousands of Salesforce users who can install your app within minutes. Customers have the convenience of having multiple needs met at one location.

2. Provides instant gratification

We can vouch that success happens quickly within the AppExchange. Since 2006, Conga has seen exponential achievements and continues to prosper. Conga currently has users in over forty-five countries, across all industries. Customers are instantly gratified as well, given that they can view a demo, install and speak with our Business Analysts all from our listing.

3. Empowers Salesforce users

Thanks to the AppExchange, creative problem solvers can get more out of their Salesforce experience and share with others. At Conga, we have a commitment to service and putting people first, and the AppExchange lets us do just that.  It’s really a win-win for everyone – Entrepreneurs have space to build a business, and customers can collect the apps they need specific to their business.  Whether you’re a large enterprise or a college student, anyone who has an idea to fulfill a business requirement can build, develop and publish all on one platform.

Given Conga’s history within the AppExchange community, we are eager and confident for what the future has to offer. To celebrate today, we’re helping Salesforce donate $10 for every AppExchange install to Girls Who Code. Join us in educating the next generation of app builders and users – all you have to do is install an app from the AppExchange.  Cheers to you, AppExchange!


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