Introducing Box Integration and Attachment Selection Enhancements

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We’re pleased to announce some pretty cool new features in Conga Composer.  First up is a new integration with Box that enables users to save and share documents created with Conga Composer in Box! These documents can be accessed from or from the related Visualforce page on the record in Salesforce. With Box, users can collaborate securely, even outside of Salesforce, but maintain the ability to push files back into Salesforce as well.

We’ve also added flexibility to adding attachments to Conga Email Templates. In addition to predefining attachments for a solution, you can now allow users to choose attachments from the master object or another related object during the merge process. This is great for resending a previously merged document, like when a customer asks for a copy of their contract. Has your sales team ever asked to have Composer send a case study with their quote? Now you can! You could even reference a formula field to suggest appropriate attachments based on the record. For example, Composer can show different marketing collateral for each stage of an Opportunity that might be helpful for the sales rep to send along with a quote, contract, renewal, etc.

Both of these features (as well as some other enhancements) are available now on the Salesforce AppExchange. Continue reading to learn the basics of how to add these features to your Composer solutions.

How does the Conga/Box integration work?

First, take some time to review the information and steps in the topic articles, Configure Conga Composer with Boxand Using Conga Composer with Box. Next, add a couple parameters to the desired Conga Composer solution.


Setting this parameter equal to a value of “1” enables visibility to the Box integration. After adding &BoxVisible=1 to the Composer solution URL, users running the solution will see some changes in the Composer dialog box. In the section, “Save a Copy,” users will see “Box” displayed in the “Save To” field. Users will also notice that the merge button will now display “Merge & Box.”

&OFP=Composer+Documents\Opportunities\{Opportunity.Name} (OR the name defined in the Box root folder creation)

This parameter is required and defines the output file path, or in other words, the location where the merged document will be saved. Be certain the value for &OFP matches the name of the Box root folder.

Box 1

After the Composer solution has run, users can view and access the merged document from the record (pictured below) or from

Box 2 

What’s new with selecting attachments?

With the addition of three new parameters, users can now choose files on the fly to include as attachments or pre-define attachment files to include in a Composer solution.

To pick file attachments on the fly, add the following parameter to a Composer solution URL:


Upon adding this parameter to a solution, users running the solution will now see a new tab in the Composer dialog box called, “Attachments.” Clicking on this tab will display a list of up to 20 attachment files from the master record. Files are displayed in order of the “Created Date” field, with the most recently created file appearing first. Up to five file attachments can be selected. To select multiple files as attachments, hold down the “Ctrl” or “Shift” key on a keyboard while using the cursor the select the desired file listing.

Looking to include file attachments from a record other than the master object? No problem! Just add an additional parameter (this still requires &SelectAttachments=1):



 Box 3

Want to pre-define file attachments to include in a Composer solution? Just add a single parameter to the related Composer URL:


A list of up to five file attachment record IDs can be included in the value for the parameter. Simply separate each attachment record ID with a comma. The attachments specified by record IDs will be automatically selected when the Composer solution is launched.

For more information on the Box integration or new attachment parameters, please visit CongaSphere.


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