Sneak Peek at Conga Solution Manager: A Whole New Way to “Do the Conga”

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Get ready to revolutionize building a Conga Composer solution. Jereriah (better known as “J”) Manning is the mastermind behind the all new Conga Solution Manager.


In his current role as an Application Developer, J focuses on advanced solutions, debugging and Apex/JavaScript. With 7 years’ experience in Salesforce — 3 as a Conga Business Analyst — and a Administrator certification, he is well-versed in reporting, formulas, workflow rules, data access, case and lead/opportunity management and SOQL.

As one of the most requested individuals at the Conga Dreamforce booths, don’t miss your chance to meet J at North 1912, West 734 or reserve your spot at the Conga Solution Station.

Read on for more details about this exciting new feature from J himself!

Conga Solution Manager? Why haven’t I heard of this before? That’s new, isn’t it?

It sure is!

So…what is it?

Put simply, it’s a declarative interface to help Conga Composer users be more efficient when building or managing Conga Composer solutions. We’ve shifted the approach to make it easier, quicker and less prone to human error when designing a Composer solution. Via the new Conga Solution Manager, System Administrators will be able to add core Composer components (Reports, Queries, Templates and Conga Email Templates), as well as customization Parameters, from an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow interface.


How does this change the “Conga Line?”

Ultimately, this makes the “Line” a little more enjoyable for all. Although the traditional method of building Conga Composer solutions doesn’t require code, there are a lot of keyboard strokes (“Click and Clack”). In short, Click and Clack is now Point and Click!

Does that mean it’s only for people who are new to Conga Composer?

Absolutely not! Everyone can benefit from an easier-to-use approach to the creation and maintenance of Conga Composer solutions. Experienced users will gain access to the Conga Solution Manager and can choose their preferred approach to Composer; the traditional method or the new Conga Solution Manager.

But wait, there’s more!

Looking for a way to get started as quickly as possible? Conga Composer Solution Packs make it easy to get off the ground sprinting (yes, that’s running very fast!) with Conga Composer; you can deploy a pack in seconds. This is a great, low-effort way to show your boss a proof of concept or test a new use case!


Last, but definitely not least.

Build only once with the Conga eMigration Tool. The eMigrator opens up a wide range of possibilities for deploying pre-packaged solutions. Gone are the days of updating Record IDs—simply build your own Package and deploy.Coming soon to a Salesforce Org near you.


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