Accelerate sales time and negotiation

When it comes to getting and keeping customers, the sales department is responsible for managing, reviewing, negotiating and renewing contracts to keep revenue coming in for the organization.

Conga Novatus helps sales managers and reps by reducing the sales time cycle, facilitating online negotiate in real-time, employing e-signature for quick closure, providing alerts to begin renegotiations and renewals prior to contract termination, and see at a glance what contracts are in place across the organization.

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Reduced Cycle Time

Reduced cycle times on contract turn-around by automating tasks and approvals throughout the contract lifecycle.

Full Visibility

Gain full visibility into the status of all sales contracts in the process by each member of your sales team.

Event Alerts

Define and receive automated notification of upcoming events such as contract renewal opportunities.

Contract Requests

Provide standard self-service requests for low-touch agreements (NDA, CDA, BAA, and more).

Conga Sales Connect

Fully integrate with Salesforce via exclusive Sales Connect module to reduce time and increase productivity without leaving Salesforce.

Control Language

Standardize all agreements and terms for effective control over your contract language.

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