Conga Contracts

Accelerate and Simplify Your Contract Negotiations in Salesforce

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Close deals in half the time when both your sales team and your legal group feel confident and in control of the contract negotiation process. Conga Contracts is a fast and easy solution for your team to stay on track so you can negotiate deals faster, increase contract insight, and ensure Salesforce is always up-to-date with accurate information.

How it works

  1. Enable sales teams to negotiate on their own within a framework set by your legal team
  2. Reduce errors by automating traditionally manual tasks, which require updates to repository and versioning
  3. Improve forecasting accuracy for better decision making
  1. Shrink contract negotiation cycles by as much as 50%
  2. Identify common bottlenecks in the negotiation process so you can eliminate them
  3. Manage negotiations and compare document versions without ever leaving Salesforce


More control

Conga Contracts gives you:

Greater speed

Increased visibility

  1. Easily view and approve changes to business terms, such as payment details, with fewer approval hurdles
  2. Gain insights into sales contracts across contract types, teams, regions, departments, and the enterprise
  3. Maintain a full contract history within easy reach in your Salesforce CRM

Conga Contracts puts sales reps in the driver’s seat to create and negotiate changes within the controls set by the legal team and have the visibility they need to speed up the contract negotiation process.

Conga Contracts

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Empower sales and legal to collaborate in the contract process

Seat-based pricing



Enjoy a faster, smoother contract negotiation experience that accelerates the speed of business.

Send for NegotiationInitiate the contract negotiation process with a single click from within Salesforce to email sales documents. As respondents reply to the email, each version is retained in the Salesforce Files repository.
RedliningEnable your buyers to make changes to contract terms in the format they are most comfortable with -- Microsoft Word – while your team continues to operate in Salesforce. Salesforce users can then compare versions or even ‘Edit Latest’ in Word, and have changes automatically synchronized back as a new version.
True-Up™Review the buyer’s changes to the sales document while simultaneously updating the associated fields in Salesforce.
Contract Progress BarSee the status of each of your sales documents as they are negotiated.
AnalyticsReport across contracts to gain insights across contract types, teams, departments, and the enterprise.
Clause LibraryBuild contracts from pre-approved terms and conditions approved by General Counsel stored in the Clause Library to generate documents automatically with any combination of Ts & Cs. When standard clauses are negotiated, the Clause Library records managed clause revisions against specific contract records in Salesforce.
Clause BundlesEasily define groups of terms and conditions that are commonly added to the same contract document. After creating the Contract record in Salesforce, the user will select the appropriate Clause Bundle for that contract to automatically add all related managed clauses.

The Clause Library and Clause Bundle can be associated to any standard or custom object in your Salesforce Org.
Contract FamiliesGroup and view the hierarchical relationship of related contracts and documents.