Conga ActionGrid

Salesforce® Data Management Made Easy with Conga ActionGridSM

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Accelerating your sales cycle starts with good data management in Salesforce. Remove the frustrations related to updating Salesforce records and create actionable views that drive sales behaviors. By turning Salesforce Lists and Related Lists into Excel®-like spreadsheets, users can easily update, manage and act on the data in Salesforce, increasing data integrity, user adoption and creating more accurate documents and reporting.

How it works

  1. Update mass records in batches at once
  2. Find and replace within lists
  3. Fill down and merge duplicates
  1. Add color and formatting to text, cells and rows just like Excel® to call attention to key data and drive behaviors
  1. Combine actionable list views with customized reading panes to match your business needs.
  2. View and edit directly in a reading pane vs. opening and clicking through opportunities.
  3. Use global search to find and review emails in the pane vs. clicking through.


Batch Operations

Powerful Console Views

Start your business transformation by creating more efficiency and effectiveness across your entire organization with Conga ActionGrid.

Conditional Formatting

Conga ActionGrid provides:

Seat-based pricing

Site license is not required

Spreadsheets-like capabilities
Eliminate related lists
Actionable List Views

Conga ActionGrid

Get ActionGrid and get more done.

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By revolutionizing data management, what were once time-consuming, burdensome tasks are now completed with just a few clicks. Start saving time and money with features like:

Add/Edit in PlaceEdit fields directly in Salesforce like you would in Excel and add records without opening additional forms.
Reading PanesPreview records, edit long text fields and edit related lists from Salesforce.
Smart FiltersExcel-style checkbox filtering for a more intuitive and more powerful solution.
Filter on Parent and Child Related ObjectsCreate powerful filters from the parent / child related objects.
Filter ExceptionsAllows more advanced filtering
Field ChooserEasily add any field on-the-fly and even add fields from parent and child objects.
Batch Edit/Mass UpdateUsing our Conga Secure Mass Update℠, Salesforce fields can be set for different security profiles, allowing administrators to grant mass updating permissions to their end-users in a secure, field-by-field method per security profile. Update up to 50 Million rows of data.