Document Automation

Create optimal customer engagement through digital transformation

Document Automation transforms your organization; go from an inefficient and ineffective team to a nimble, productive and highly profitable organization.

Don’t leave customer communications to chance

Customers – however you define them – are the most important part of your business, and the way in which you communicate shapes their view of you and your business. Don’t leave your customer communications to chance. Document Automation speeds up communication, provides polished content that is representative of your brand, helps to close deals faster and shrink time to revenue. Conga provides organizations of all sizes with the solutions they need to solve the key challenges of business communications. With more than a decade of experience, Conga helps to address document automation with world-class solutions, support and services.

You can decide what will benefit your business most. Simply remove the need to copy/paste or focus on the entire process with fully automated creation of related processes, including negotiation, signing and document repository. With Conga Document Automation, you have the flexibility to decide which parts of your document process you want to automate.

The Complete Document Automation solution

Increase Return on Investments. Uncover analytics that drive business forward

Document Creation, Error-free and Pixel Perfect Every Time

Creation of professional, customized and error-free documents, regardless of length or complexity, including rich text and images, that can be sent in batch from a single screen.

Increase Productivity, Eliminate Manual Steps

Increase Productivity. Conga customers realize 95% efficiency improvements in time to generate documents. End the days of copy/paste tasks.

Save Time and Simplify with Templates

Save Time. Simplify the administrative work of creating documents with dynamic templates. Select and send multiple communications from a single screen.

Address Complex Needs with Advanced Data Retrieval

Address complex needs. Advanced data retrieval for very powerful and efficient data gathering. Create reports and documents with data from multiple internal and external systems.

Protect Your Brand

Stand Out. Combine sophisticated design, rich text, and images with data from Salesforce. Protect corporate message and brand integrity.

Empower Your Sales Team

Digitally transform and automate everyday sales tasks. Create workflows that initiate or complete customer engagement based on any trigger.

Build the perfect Document Automation Solution for your business with the Conga Product Suite

Conga Composer

Create and deliver sophisticated robust documents including presentations, sales documentation and reports by merging data from any standard or custom object into richly-formatted templates.

Conga Actiongrid

A data management solution that provides dynamic views so users can see and act on all relevant data from a single screen. Eliminate the need to click through various records, create relationships between objects, or update permissions one by one.

Conga Conductor

Launch on-demand or scheduled Conga Composer solutions in batches, saving time, effort and money when you need to run the same Composer solution for many records at once or on a recurring interval.

Conga Workflow

Trigger the execution of individual Composer solutions via Salesforce workflow rules without user interaction.

Conga Sign

Simplify your document execution process with a redefined eSignature solution built for Salesforce, by Salesforce users. Help speed up document execution and protect the agreements that drive your business