Conga Composer

Optimize Salesforce® with Robust Document Generation and Reporting

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Conga Composer® optimizes your Salesforce investment by removing the roadblocks associated with document creation. Create and deliver robust, sophisticated documents with ease, including presentations, sales documentation and reports by merging data from any standard or custom object into richly-formatted templates.

How it works

  1. Choose from various document download and storage options, including downloading immediately, automatically emailing, sending for e-signature or saving directly to Salesforce, Google Drive® or Box®.
  2. Automatically log activities, update fields, or create and assign follow-up tasks with a copy of the document saved to Salesforce for enhanced record keeping and accountability.
  1. Export to Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, HTML email & PDF forms
  2. Experience robust output with dynamic tables, images, charts, custom fonts, graphs,  watermarks, global languages & currencies
  3. Merge, show and hide conditional content  according to business rules
  4. Launch solutions from any standard or custom object with a custom button, giving you immediate  access to all fields and Salesforce reports. Or SOQL queries can retrieve any additional required data from as many as 50 other objects or lists.


Conga Workflow® Trigger the execution of individual Composer solutions via Salesforce workflow rules without user interaction.

Conga Mail Merge® Simplify mass mailings by generating hundreds of printable letters, labels and envelopes at once

Enhance your Conga Composer solution with these increased capabilities:

Conga Conductor® Launch on-demand or scheduled Conga Composer solutions in batches, saving time, effort and money when you need to run the same Composer solution for many records at once or on a recurring interval.

Add ons

Seat-based pricing

Site license is not required
add-ons priced by event

Document generation with a single click, trigger or scheduled. Data from any field merged onto any document, output in any file format

Conga Composer

Automate Document Generation

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By revolutionizing data entry, grouping, filtering, and browsing records, what were once time-consuming, burdensome tasks are now completed with just a few clicks. Start saving time and money with features like:

  • Generate enterprise-grade documents to address almost any use case in Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, PDF or HTML emails.
  • Merge data from any standard, custom or Lightning Connect® object with Salesforce reports or SOQL queries.
  • Incorporate professional, complex content such as tables, images, rich text, charts, dashboards, custom fonts, watermarks and global currencies.
  • Conditionally display sections of a document, group data and calculate formulas according to business rules.
  • Predefine options to run your solution in a single click.
  • Log activities, save copies of output files and update fields in Salesforce.
  • Trigger Conga Composer solutions with a Salesforce workflow rule.
  • Batch and schedule Conga Composer solutions.
  • Distribute documents the way you want.
  • Immediate local download.
  • Store in Salesforce as attachments, Chatter Files or Content records.
  • Include as attachments to richly-formatted Conga Email Templates.
  • Send for eSignature with DocuSign® or Adobe® Sign.
  • Store in Google Drive.
Technical Requirements & Compatibilities
BrowsersFirefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari
Salesforce EditionsProfessional, Enterprise, Performance, Developer
Salesforce ProductsSales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, Portals, Communities, Platform
Microsoft Office®Office 2013 (Mac 2011) and earlier, Adobe® Acrobat® XI and earlier
MobileCompatible with Salesforce1™ and all mobile browsers with Internet connection
Data Retrieval
Data from standard objectsX
Data from custom objectsX
Multi-currency supportX
Person accountsX
Salesforce Reports
Max. # of reports per solution50
Max. # of rows per report5,000
Report formatsTabular, Summary
Custom report typesX
Max. # of rows per solution25,000
SOQL Queries
Max. # of queries per solution50
Max. # of rows per query5,000
Max. # of rows per aggregated query1,000
Semi-joined queriesX
Nested queriesX
Total # of rows per solution25,000